Framework support no response?

I contacted support over two weeks ago and then a little over a week ago regarding my laptop’s CPU possibly being faulty/the warranty policy, (and, I think it also would fall under the issue here: Piece of mainboard partially melted - #29 by Twistgibber ), but haven’t received any sort of reply.

I have contacted support in the past and they have been quick and prompt, and yet now there is radio silence. I need my laptop to function correctly/to receive a refund ASAP, because I rely on my laptop. It seems strange that we get quicker replies to minor issues than to major issues–is there an abundance of major issues that people are experiencing?

I want to keep supporting Framework, but it is just getting increasingly frustrating the longer I wait with a near inoperable computer. (And by inoperable, I really just mean in the “slightly beyond office usage” category of light gaming).

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Hello volcanicmaggies,

We do not have a ticket in Support for you that is open. The last correspondence we had with you was back in February regarding your power adapter. Did you receive an auto confirmation that your ticket was received?


@TheTwistgibber Hi, I replied to a ticket that was open on my alternate email (removed for privacy), and followed up by emailing about the warranty with the same email.

Hi volcanicmaggies,

We responded to you a couple hours after you submitted on March 16th, but did not receive any response back. The ticket is currently waiting for your response. I’m reaching out to you via PM as it seems you may not be getting our responses.

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I also replied to the support email and get no answer back, I had to create a new ticket to get an answer.
I also don’t see any of my replies on the email history, when I received an update from the support.
Can you check on your side if some emails or emails services get filtered ?
I’m using ProtonMail

This seems to be a bit of an older thread, but I have also been notified recently that support has not been receiving my responses. I am also using Protonmail. It’d be great if they actually looked into what’s going on with this, so it stops happening to people.

It’s the same for me with a protonmail address. :frowning:

Yep, framework has already said that ProtonMail doesn’t work. Add their email to the whitelist.

That’s not quite right though, I received all of Framework’s support responses. They weren’t receiving my responses. Check your sources.

We’re receiving emails from Protonmail customers, but we’ve found that some customer emails using Protonmail with additional outbound configurations are not playing nice with our ticketing ingestion system. This seems to be limited to only a handful of Protonmail customers and after checking with our ticketing system partner, there isn’t much we can do to resolve on our end.

We’ve tested with multiple Protonmail accounts on both inbound from our ticketing system and outbound to our ticketing system and are unable to reproduce the issue.