Full vertical input touch screen

A half-width input module that’s a touch screen, and whose height is both the keyboard and trackpad areas. With the same pixel density as the main screen, can be used as a secondary one, and being a touch one, can be used an on-screen touchpad that can be hidden on demand.

My idea is to have a split keyboard and put the full heigh touch screen in the center, working the lower half as a touch pad, and the upper half as an extension of the main screen. Think of distribution like a sort of a BIG Nintendo DS :stuck_out_tongue: but with two half keyboards (and no keypad) instead of joysticks and buttons :slight_smile:

Sounds cool, would love to see it actually happen.

The input modules only have USB2 bandwidth, so I suspect a high-dpi display like that will be laggy.

Not intended to be used for too much realtime, nor i think the resolution would be too much big, being such a small área…

Ok, page is in russian, so I don’t know if it was a prototype or an actual model, but that’s JUST what I was asking for… except for being an expandable keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:

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At Notebook Pc Keyboard Splits Open to Reveal 2nd Screen there’s the original article in english, it seems the patents were from 1994 to 1997 and last news where that they would go into production in 2008, but the webpage link return a 404, and the company web page is empty and looks like parked, so maybe is it safe to implement?