FW16 Batch 13 Guild

Checking in on batch 13. :slight_smile: My current daily driver (HP) is a noisy POS. Already replaced the fans once. and this thing is getting pretty sketch. Ready for for my shiny new Framework!

We are a pretty quiet batch, aren’t we? :smiley: Well, I got my Windows 11 key today, so I don’t have to do that last minute. I thought about keeping the 1TB SSD I already bought inside its USB case and go for a 4TB Lexar NM790 as main, which should be really power efficient, at least in idle. But the price went up since I added it to my wishlist :unamused: Maybe some day in the future…

But that’s nothing compared to the WesternDigital SN740 2TB I wanted for Linux dual-boot, it’s price exploded from 165€ to 385€… :exploding_head: Which is strange, because the WD_Black SN770M stayed around 190€. But it’s made for performance, not power efficiency.

So, the 1TB M.2 it is for now and maybe an older, external 750GB SATA SSD in an USB case, if I need more space. And with the earthquake, the manufacturers (and foremost the shops and intermediaries) have a reason to hike the prices for SSDs even more or at least not lowering them.

Do you guys use the touchpad exclusively or are you gonna add a mouse? I think I’m getting the Glorious Gaming Race Model I 2, I’d like to have some more keys than left, right and middle :smiley: plus it’s lightweight and can also be used via bluetooth, which should give it a great battery lifetime. And if I want to play games, I can use the USB dongle with 1000Hz polling.

And I’d say, bets are open. I say, if we’re really, really, REALLY lucky, the first ones of batch 13 will receive their FW16 in three weeks’ time today, so may the 3rd. If it’s may the 4th, I’ll go and get a Star Wars themed cover :joy:

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When I bought my SSD and RAM I had heard that SSD prices were going to go up due to Samsung chip manufacturing. I think they were slowing it or something, I can’t remember. So I made sure to get my stuff then so I didn’t have to worry about higher prices later. I only got a 1 TB Samsung 990 PRO SSD and ended up with 32 GB (2x 16 GB) of RAM since it was like $5-$10 more than 16 GB (2x 8 GB).

I’ll be using my very old Razer Naga Epic. I use this mouse for my current laptop. I used to use it on my desktop but replaced it with the Razer Naga Trinity after the RGB LED went out. Although I’ll admit I think it functions better than it’s replacement. The Trinity’s left click releases even when I’ve still got it held down and the Epic still functions flawlessly but loses the cool RGB stuff (like blinking when the battery is getting low or just cycling colors while charging on the dock). On a side note I’m surprised that the much older Epic is going for $200 when I got it for $100 way back when, and the Trinity is going for under $100 and it was around $120 (if I remember correctly) when I got it.

I haven’t bought a memory for a long time, but the prices have exploded like this :exploding_head:

I use a touchpad from Apple when I’m not traveling, I just don’t like mice anymore xD
It also supports Gnome’s multi-touch gestures, which makes work a lot easier.

Batch 10 already started shipping:

That was just one day after they got charged and batch 11 got their preparation mail.

Yeah those charts look very promising, they really really picked up the speed!

I was expecting end of Q2 for us, but now it all seems like that only about two weeks left in front of us.

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Wow, I hope, we don’t get on this Rollercoaster of a delivery hell like some people of batch 10:

I’m curious, what FedEx is doing there.

The tracking still says delivery on Tuesday so we’ll see :sweat_smile:
I’ll post an update here too if it arrives in time :wink:

I think everybody is watching closely :smiley:

Have you contacted FedEx support, if they have an explanation for the back and forth of your packet?

Nah, one Batch 10 reply is assuming the worst - recall by FW :rofl:

To be honest, I in your place would have thought, that it may have been damaged and sent back.

But after taking a closer look at your and schentuu’s tracking screenshots, I think the additional positions are indeed Information exchanges. So, it arrived in cologne and departed to what’s hopefully your local hub for delivery next week :blush:

Otherwise it would be really strange, if it was being physically processed in Paris, before it departed cologne. And Paris is the same timezone.

Looks like we know what month Batch 13 will ship!

Yes :smiley:

We should still get the prep email before the end of april thankfully (if they continue at the same rate)

My current prediction table:

If I’m feeling optimistic, I’d say friday the 3rd the first device will be delivered to a few of us. But the trend is showing, that it takes a bit longer between mail and delivery than with the first batches, sometimes it’s just a bit unlucky because of weekends in between. We will see.

Do they ship the day the card is charged or later?

I believe they start shipping a day later based on when I’ve seen others get tracking numbers

This is the same dates I have for prep email predictions. I do think there is a chance ours gets delayed to the from friday to monday still, unfortunately. I haven’t seen 2 in one week before, but I could very well be wrong.

Batch 8 and 9 have been notified within the same week, April 1st and 5th.

Oh good. That gives me more confidence.