FW16 Batch 6 Guild

Hopefully this is how this works: I didn’t see anyone creating the batch 6 guild yet, so at the risk of jumping the gun, once The Lunar New Year (which starts this weekend) has finished I think we all expect to see a huge ramp starting on the 19th, and I expect that my fellow batch 6 folks will want this space, and I don’t want to crowd the other batchs’ topics with my own gushing.

  • Ryzen 7
  • Ryzen 9
  • DIY
  • Prebuilt
  • Memory
  • SSD
  • 3 or fewer modules
  • 4 or more modules
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  • Beefy GPU
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Talk about what you’re excited for!


I went for a DIY with:

  • CPU : 7940HS
  • RX7700s included
  • Power adapter included
  • Nothing fancy for the keyboard, basic Azerty layout
  • 6 USB-C, 3 USB-A, 2 HDMI

Bought my own SSD and RAM:

  • SSD: Samsung 990 Pro, 4TB
  • RAM: Crucial, 64GB

I went diy, and I finally had enough wiggle to go crazy on a computer, so I just went all out on build, the 9 is mostly in hopes they allow undervolting, storage maxed so I can dual boot, though that looks like it might break fingerprint reading, and ram just cause I got a good deal on sticks, but stuck with ones they had confirmed for sure will work.

Didn’t get both bays, only way video card is coming out is if they get a battery bay in there

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I’ll just go ahead and live vicariously through you all while I wait on my Batch 14 order :slight_smile:


I went with both bays, to be able to travel light/get more battery life during work days/travels. And given that availability of components will be cannibalized for a while by just filling all batches, I wouldn’t expect them to be available on the Marketplace before Q3 at least.

@Peter_C_Norton It misses the dGPU choice or not … :pleading_face:

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I knew I missed something! I added a second poll for that (can’t change the first one anymore).


I am absolutely dying, especially to see batch 2s start to ship so we can look at time between batches and subtract lunar new year to get a guess on batch speeds, I just need something semi scientific of when I will get it so I can calm down till it’s a little closer


I am really waiting to see the shipments start, I looking forward to see some follow up reviews after the production batches start to ship.
The main question I’m debating is 64gb or 96gb of ram

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Shipments of production units has started, people have already got their orders and posted regular user reviews

Ryzen 7 DIY, no GPU module, numpad, and at least 1 of each expansion card except storage. 10 in all. Plus Win11 Home. I didn’t order SSD or RAM, I’ll get those separately. Total cost, $AUD2957 plus whatever I spend on SSD and RAM. Gotta love that Australia tax. :sob:

…just looking forward to upgrading from my 2011 (subsequently upgraded) Quasmio laptop. But repairability, and choosing to generate less electronic waste down the track were the real draw cards. Expecting delivery likely late March-April at the current pace of batches (?) patiently waiting… (Sigh)

I’m considering switching my order to both bays, there seem to be some pretty nice boards for oculink that I can put into the non gpu bay.

What kind of oculink boards are you looking at, and what gpus/cases are supported?

Salut l’ami ! T’es d’où ? IDF par hasard ?

As for me this is my DIY

  • CPU : 7840HS
  • RX7700s included
  • Power adapter included
  • Basic Azerty keyboard
  • 4 USB-C, 1 Audio, 1 DP

Bought my own SSD and RAM:

  • SSD: Samsung 990 Pro, 2TB
  • RAM: Kingston Fury 64GB

Bonjour :wave:
Ile de France en effet (92) !

This reminds me that I need to check if there’s something around having a Bépo layout for FW16, Azerty is only a fallback :smile:

@pdp Cool, moi aussi je suis de Vanves et je bosse à Boulogne. Faudra monter un club ‘parisien’ autour du FW16 ahah

I’ve already worked on QMK with my homemade Corne split KB. It’s quite simple to compile a BEPO layer on the KB, since it’s already available for some French KB models. I’ll certainly do a BEPO firmware for me as well but I can’t give any ETA about it. I still need to get my hands on the ‘beast’ first :blush:

@Aurelien_D Fontenay-aux-Roses, on est quasiment voisins :smile:

Oh I’m not really concerned about the feasibility, I’m familiar with QMK which I used for my Ergodox and Moonlander.
Having Framework offer a Bépo layout is merely to get nice matching keycaps :grin:
But I’m tempted to change my preorder to go with a blank keyboard, like my other keyboards…

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Or the blank KB … :smiley:

But I gotta check if it’s one of the keyboards that is slow to ship :smile: