FW16 Batch 2 Guild

Hey I’ve seen @DominikH ask why there is no Batch 2 Topic so here it is.

And idea for an ETA of Our Batch?

What specs did you get.


  • AMD Ryzen 7
  • AMD Ryzen 9
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Tell me why did you get the Ryzen 9 if you did so or why would you if you would get one of them.

I hope we get the Laptop’s soon and let’s hope for an Bugfree experience.


Better sillicon means the chance of getting a better undervolt and better battery life is higher.

I am not sure if the bios/motherboard supports undervolting but I believe I read that the ryzen 7 does not.

My thought Process was like lower Clock speed == Lower Wattage

I renamed this thread’s title “Framework 16 Batch 2” to “FW16 Batch 2 Guild” to align with other FW Batch N Guild threads. I hope you like it.


Ah yes makes sense.


True, but lower clock speed also means lower performance. A successful undervolting means lower wattage at the same performance level.

I was in line for Batch 1. Noticed that the 7940HS is almost the same. Went back - am in Batch 2 for ab7840HS now. And only than heard that undervolting might be an option and kinda regret it now. So I selfishly wish for no support to keep buyers remorse at bay.

Well lets hope they both get the option to undervolt.


There is another step in that equation, better silicon = less wattage @ lower clock-speed. Not sure how much better the silicon in the 9 is though.

No Curve Optimizer Voltage Offsets for 7840HS

@Christian_Elsner Correct I’m sorry your absolutely right

Would be amazing to have Steam deck like options for configuring the TDP.

I probably won’t need 100% of the CPU most of the time.

The ui is nice but you can definitely set the tdp (at least temporarily) on non steam-decks too XD, if with a bit less niche ui.

I disagree. AMD very clearly states that it’s supported for 7940HS and not for 7840HS
Click on “Full specifications” to get a proper view.

Ryzen 7840HS:
Curve Optimizer Voltage Offsets: No

Ryzen 7940HS:
Curve Optimizer Voltage Offsets: Yes

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I got the 9 so that it could last as long as possible before upgrading.


Looks like Batch 2 is going to be shortly after Chinese New Year is over!!!

The first Framework Laptop 16’s are now in customers’ hands, with more Batch 1 units in transit to those who have received shipment notices. Both our factory and our fulfillment warehouse are now on Lunar New Year holiday, so the next set of units will ship and production will resume on February 15th in Taiwan. That will include the remaining Batch 1 orders along with the first Batch 2 systems. We’ll remain in continuous production from there, with most of our total factory capacity allocated to Framework Laptop 16 manufacturing.


I love seeing that most of their capacity is allocated to FW16. Hopefully they’re not ignoring their 13 customers…but that’s great. Also, with the first batch 2 systems going out shortly after CNY that gives me hope they have a one week cadence between batches…


They probably have a separate line or the demand for the 13 isn’t that high at the moment.


I hope they have the capacity to develop Bios and Driver updates for all of theyr devices

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This pleased german customer ordered his FL13 DIY on sunday and got his order delivered on thursday at lunchtime, so there’s no need to worry.


I am just posting here to keep up on when people start getting orders, to start estimating when i will get my batch 6, though it wont be till 3rd batch starts going out that i will have a good idea