FW16 Batch 2 Guild

After the holiday we will probably see the amount of post increase

And have a better understanding how long they need to fulfill a batch


You can change your order without losing your place. Just email framework and ask. I did this a day or two after I ordered (changed CPU and Windows version). It may take them a while to get back to you.

Looks like the email came out for us batch twos about preparing our batch. Just got the email now. This is exciting!


:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


Yeah same here


(he says in excitement as a batch 14-er)

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Check your Bank balance guys.

Got my email at the same time you guys did. I’m super excited! I think I missed Batch 1 by minutes because I took too long in the configurator when the preorders launched lmao


as a batch 14-er

Ouch! I thought my waiting time in batch 5 was long (I’m anticipating early to mid April)

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Yeah, I waited way too long to order. Oh well.

It would be nice if they added a pinned thread that just said where they were, we just find out by flicking through the different batches anyway :sweat_smile:

Sadly no email for me yet. Perhaps me choosing the EN International Linux keyboard variation influences where I am in the Batch 2 queue. Hitting refresh in my email and the order list every few minutes now. :slight_smile:

Framework are starting to turn chaotic (or maybe true?) neutral on us, it seems

You may have this information, but only if you’re a mega fan and read all the threads :rofl:

It’s all a ploy to raise engagement on the forum

Boy, if it was just trolling the forums enough I don’t know how much I gotta be on, cause I am constantly checking on here dying for my orser, I have never been patient with getting new toys.

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lol … Your message is the first I saw before I saw Frameworks … xD … Getting Excited for hopefully a message from them tomorrow!

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15th is here!!! … Not that I am excited …

It’s actually the 16th in countries that matter for shipping :wink:

yeah … lol … i am just getting excited … wait … tomorrow is when the Taiwan offices open …

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just been charged.

Edit: 7840 hs, diy, no ram, no ssd, german keyboard, numpad, Germany