FYI, examine the connectors upon receiving

I’ve already contacted support, but when i got my framework 16 and i got it together but i didn’t notice that from the factory, the top guide for the connector for the mid-plate to the motherboard was missing.
no little plastic bits inside the case or where i assembled it. I know they put the laptops together then take them apart at the factory for you to put them together yourself. This explains the lack of trackpad when booted, but i can get it back if i ‘very’ carefully insert the connector aligned to the bottom guide.


Not sure what you are talking about. Even the DIY version comes with the midplate and trackpad already installed.

Post a picture of what “plastic bits” you are talking about.

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sorry didn’t know if you could directly upload or have to point to a external image host.
Edit: i was also mentioning that even the diy edition is ‘fully’ assembled and tested before leaving. this is right after the first power on on Thursday, Friday i figured if i am very careful in inserting the connector in this state i can get the track-pad to work, otherwise only the keyboard does.

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