Logo Animation + Sound

I was re-watching the “Introducing the Framework Laptop 16” YouTube video and thought the logo could be animated. Have a satisfying clicking, ratchet-like sound. I think it might draw on the satisfying aesthetic Framework of just working. I think a short sound clip would be suitable for the logo animation. It should rotate like a screw because that’s what Framework is all about: repairability. A small addon to what I said before is that when the logo speeds up and rotates then slows down, it should have a rotation speed that slows down until a satisfying ending click that locks in place.

I love what everyone is doing on the team. I cannot wait to see what you guys create next!

Sound Link: Dropbox - IMG-2614.MOV - Simplify your life

  • Owen Griffin

a rotation ending on a click could also mean “locked” which is less than ideal for Framework :sweat_smile:

The logo is a gear so what about the video starting with a single one rotating then introducing a couple more in key. A longer form could have a gear get jammed and swapping it out- bringing in the idea of repairability

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It’s actually a stylized torx driver, believe it or not.

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I tried to find anything official or not that states what it is but now that you mention it, that makes more sense
First impressions stick with me though so I’m always gonna think of it as a gear

The animation could simply be the logo getting screwed. lol

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I’ve got it via internal comms from Framework (not going to share verbatims for privacy reasons but know that it was officially confirmed)

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I think it would be cool for the logo to have something like it being screwed in like you said before. I like the idea!