[GUIDE] Debian 12 on the Framework Laptop (All Framework Laptop 13 models)

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just a little feedback from Framework 13 AMD Batch 5 with Debian 12 and backport kernel 6.5.3-1~bpo12+1

Almost everything works out the box except some bugs (could be usefull to list it / I spend a lot of time to search all these informations) :

You may also precise somethings specific to AMD (there is a lot of confusion in the threads no precising if what is proposed is intended for intel of AMD) for example :

And, could you precise (not framework related, more linux) that is not possible with newer kernels, to have secure boot AND hibernation, due to kernel lockdown (or need to patch the kernel) ?

Thank you very much !

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Appreciate the contribution.

Hello, debian trixie/sid installed on a Framework 13 AMD Batch 6.

Using the kernel from the distro package linux-image-6.5.0-4-amd64 (which is kernel 6.5.10) and the amdgpu module from kernel-firmware / Linux Firmware · GitLab I did not experience the white-glitching bug for a few days.

Until today,when I turned to the KDE settings characters settings pane, where the fonts and subpixel hinting can be changed. From there I can reliably reproduce the glitching whenever I change any of the settings. I thought it was worth mentioning since it’s very easy to reproduce.

Edit: setting amdgpu.sg_display=0 fixes it for me.

Does anyone know if Debian works with the 11th Gen Framework Laptop? Or should I install Linux Mint, which has been verified to work with Framework Laptop?

Yep. I ran Debian on my Gen 11, until I installed Windows on it and gave it to my wife. Now I run Debian on my Gen 12 Framework.
It’s not perfect out of the box. I needed to upgrade the kernel (probably not needed anymore since Bookworm) and make some tweaks to get the fingerprint reader to work.
Lots of discussion in [GUIDE] Debian 12 on the Framework Laptop (All Framework Laptop 13 models)

What about the framework 16? Is Debian 12 stable working properly on the FW16?