HDCP Compliance

I was checking the options in the Intel Graphics Command Center app and I noticed that under Display->Information, it says that the display of the laptop is not HDCP Compatible. Will this prevent us from watching high-definition videos from Amazon, Disney+, Netflix, etc.? I noticed this in both Windows 10 and Windows 11 with the 12_16_21 (Windows 11) or 12_15_21 (Windows 10) drivers. Is this something that can be fixed in a driver update? Or is this just irrelevant with the laptop’s built-in display?

A quick search tells me that it only affects 4k content, so if the laptop’s display isn’t 4k it makes sense that it cannot display 4k HDCP content. Since the warning is for the display and not the laptop this SHOULD mean that if you connected the laptop to a 4k display that there wouldn’t be an issue, but someone smarter than I would need to answer that question.

I have a Dell Latitude laptop for work that also running the Intel Graphics Command Center and shows the same thing when viewing the built-in display. When I have it docked to a Dell WD19 docking station and connected to my flat panel monitors, the HDCP option turns green for the external monitors only. This might be expected behavior for the built-in laptop displays.