Headphones not working

Was this issue resolved?
First time plugging in headphones and they don’t work.

Sharing this from the reddit post:

Edit 2: I bought a replacement Daughterboard for the jack, but that didn’t work. Now I’m contacting FW Support.


Processor: Intel Core i5-1240P

Memory: 32GB DDR4-3200

OS: Windows 11

I was the one who linked that reddit post (that was a dead end). That doesn’t really solve anything. Others are awaiting answers.
I’m not an engineer but a simple headphone jack should work straight away w/o having to purchase another daughterboard (Yikes! A costly solution to a poor resolution).
I am growing VERY concerned–this laptop is going to be a gift so hope it’s not a lemon :fearful:

It seems like the person who posted this contacted support after purchasing a new board on their own. If you are experiencing this issue, you should contact support first, as they will likely be able to help you find a solution and replace any bad hardware for free, especially if you just purchased the device. There is no way to have a 100% QC record especially for a company that is still quite small, so good support is the best alternative.


@Azure is correct. Please do not buy additional hardware before contacting Framework Support. If you are in warranty and something goes wrong, if it is a hardware issue, we’ll replace it. Also, even if you are out of warranty, our team can help diagnose/troubleshoot the issue and identify what may have gone wrong, which can hopefully mitigate spending money on resolution paths that may or may not work.


Hi @Hari_Nezumi,

I apologize for the lack of context. As @TheTwistgibber points out, this is something that would be handled by Framework Support directly.

My goal (which should have made more clear) was to show that this issue had indeed been brought to support.

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