How does the pre order pre built work

Hi Support

Can you please tell me excatly how the pre order-pre built works

As im in South Africa and not sure how it works

If i click on the pre built does it already come with a CPU i5/i7 in it and the extention card as well or how ?

Please can someone explain it to me.

As im highly intersted in this laptop

Kind Regards
Tyron Solomon

Hi and welcome to the forum

There is no supply to South African yet

We haven’t opened ordering in your region yet, but we’re looking forward to getting there! We can notify you when ordering opens:

And please do not try or ask about circumventing by having it delivered to a supporting country and then shipped to you. Talking about freight forwarding is banned on the forum. So please do not comment on this issue.

Use the online form to be notified when it will be available, that’s about it really :cry:

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Echoing everything Amoun said. Also note that this is primarily a user forum, not an official support method, so while Framework staff are around, the best route to an official answer will be Framework | Support