“i” key is goofy

The “i” key on my keyboard performs an extra function every time i press it. Types the letter but then throws the cursor in front of it so i cannot continue to type after the letter “i”, i have to hit the right arrow key to continue to type. Opened a support ticked but wanted to check if anyone else had this issue.

I had a weird issue where my “x” and “m” keys would only work if I pushed another key at the same time. Take the keyboard module out, take the ribbon cable off, and reinstall it, make sure its making full contact. That fixed the issue for me (This was on a FW16)

I did the keyboard test and “i” is pressing the left arrow key simultaneously. I wish that keyboard.frame.work would work but I can’t get it to connect to my keyboard so I can reconfigure the button. I’m going to try and disassemble the mid plate again.

I dont think the midplate needs to be disassembled. Just make sure the ribbon cable for it is correctly attached, and make sure the keyboard ribbon cable is fine as well

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Keyboard is acting up again, I+left, was working fine after switching to windows from Linux mint, worked fine for 4 hours then back to its old self again. Turned the laptop on this morning and was working fine. I’m wondering if there’s anything to do with heat or workload.