I preordered both the 13 and 16 inch models so I can compare, but I'm worried about the return window

I want to compare the 13 inch and 16-inch models to see which one fits my use case better. Me 13-inch preorder says it is due to ship in “Q4”, while the 16-inch preorder says it is due to ship in late Q4. The return policy for both models in 30 days, so if my 13-inch preorder arrives in October, I could be beyond the return window for it by the time the 16-inch model is delivered.

Is it possible to delay the delivery of my 13-inch preorder until the 16-inch ships?

Unfortunately no, sorry. When an order comes up in a batch, we process and ship as we have other batch orders to handle. You can always sell your Framework Laptop 13 to a Community member if you decide to stick with the Framework Laptop 16. Warranties are transferrable.


In that case, I’m thinking I should cancel my 13-inch preorder. Any idea if stock is likely to be an issue for the 13-inch by the time the 16-inch preorders ship? It would stink to be all the way at the back of the line again.

13th Gen DIY edition (13 inch) is in-stock already and shipping within 5 business days.

I think the 30days is more to see if the laptop is as you expected not to juggle two ? After all you have stated you will send one back, irrespective of it’s ability: lumping Framework with a second hand computer, through no design or lack of, of theirs.


I should have clarified that I meant the AMD model.

I’ll cancel my 13-inch pre-order. Thanks everyone.

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