If you haven't ordered yet, what's holding you back?

I need:

  1. A 15" screen
  2. AMD processor and/or dedicated gpu.
  3. Numpad
  4. Touchscreen
  5. 2.5" bay.
  6. Network jack

It needs to be a 2 in 1 Laptop for me.

So a 360° hinge with Pen/Digitizer and touchscreen support. Until that happens, I’ll have to stick with lenovo.
I really like the project though!


Im old, I need 15" screen and I want all AMD Ryzen APU. I don’t want to deal with issues on NVIDIA, and I don’t know much about Intel GPU performance. So I want an AMD solution.


The main thing holding me back is the screen size.

If it had stylus support, I’d be totally on board for the 13", but with no stylus, I prefer 15" anymore. If there was a stylus option on current size, or 15" screen, I’d have already pulled the trigger.

I am kinda in the market for a new machine for myself. My desktop is dead, my main linux laptop is kinda dead (it works, but is very glitchy, bad cursor jitter, and I pulled it out of commission when the battery started swelling), leaving an 8 year old macbook pro as my only daily driver for personal stuff. I am mulling my options. Do I want to get a cheaper system I can game on, and wait for a framework that matches my needs, or do I get the current offering and just deal with the smaller screen.

  1. no corboot version; 2. no removable bios chip, soldered on the motherboard.
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For me the main dealbreaker is lack of 360 (2-in-1) option and the (current) lack of full size SD card reader.

Being able to prop my current laptop up next to a monitor in “tent” orientation and use it with a keyboard and mouse without the laptop keyboard getting in the way is really useful, and the occasional need for hand-held use is also a big factor.

As someone who does filming on a digital camera a full-size SD card is a must. Doesn’t need to fully fit the SD card internally, just something so I can transfer files off cards.

While not a total deal breaker, the limited number ports are a bit of a concern. My loadout would be 1x USB-C, 1x-USB A, SD card and HDMI. My current Acer SPIN 5 has 1x USB-C, 3x USB-A, SD card and HDMI. Those extra USB ports are useful to have. If as well as the 4 expansion bays there were 1 or 2 permanent USB-C ports that would leave more expansion bays free for other ports.

I’m personally waiting for 2in1 and shipping to EU.


Good luck on your quest finding a non-existent mainboard, let alone a laptop.


Asked-for section
What kept me from ordering for about six months was the prospect of buying a Zephyrus G15, which would given me double the performance with its Ryzen 9 and would’ve blown away the integrated graphics in the Framework. Also, a 144Hz display sounded great.

That was one prospect, but a couple of other ones was a Legion 5 with an all AMD lineup (CPU and GPU). I actually ordered it twice, but the chip shortage or Lenovo’s own problems lead to the cancellation of those orders. So I’m here, contemplating a Framework, partly because of luck. The other prospect was the new M1X Macbooks. I liked their power efficiency, battery life, integrated graphics, and the possibility of Asahi Linux.

Finally, the prospect of the whole Framework thing simply not working out was a deterrent.

Non asked-for update (I guess)
I ordered the Framework because I figured putting my money where my mouth is, in this case, is totally worth it. I love the computer. I love its value. I love the project. I want this to work. I want a repairable computer. I want a Marketplace of parts. I want to upgrade my motherboard in a few years. I want an AMD or an otherwise efficient and performant CPU. I want to easily install Linux. I want this company to exist and people to know it’s much better than scraping glue out of defective Macbooks or whatever.

Oh, and if I can eventually pay decent prices for an eGPU, then it’s a no-brainer for me to get this computer. But even though I used to play non-demanding video games in a 2013 Macbook Pro, it’s probably best for me to not get into gaming; I see my friends who are intensely hooked on competitive games (Valorant, LOL, Dota, CS Go, Rocket League), and yeah… I’d like to live my life differently! So maybe not getting the Zephyrus was a dodged bullet? Anyway, FLOSS, Right to Repair, and nice indie games are the way to go for me!

I see this as a bet, for which in the worst case scenario, Framework the company disappears and I end up with an easily-repairable computer.


The lack of GPU. I am about to buy a new laptop so that I can game when travelling for work. If framework had an option with a GPU, then I would absolutely go with them. I thought about going with an eGPU but don’t want to deal with not being able to use it on flights and the space it would take up in my luggage.

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What’s holding me back is (1) money, and (2) not having a gaming-focused laptop (yet), so I’ll have to get a Steam Deck console first. But if a gaming laptop were made according to the specifications mentioned in this thread, I would take it instead of a Steam Deck console, or at least before taking a Steam Deck console. I’m 1-3 years away from the next laptop I will buy, in my opinion.

Edit: Another issue is lack of warranty support in Eastern Europe as of right now.

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Money. That’s literally it, and that’s on my end. I just want a small cheap laptop I can take around for light tasks instead of being tied to my desk. There are things I really want, mainly trackpad buttons and maybe an AMD CPU, and plenty more I’d like to see and try; but with the modular design I’m fully convinced I could compromise for now and upgrade later with minimal cost and waste, returning components to Framework for parts or refurbishing, or reusing them myself.


I know you guys just started, and need more time to design different types of laptops, but a 2 in 1 option and a pen would be great for many people.


The fact that I already have a laptop and that I’m going to buy the framework next year!

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I’m still looking for a laptop that can replace my Sager from the year 2011.
Framework looks the most promising, but is not there yet.
My strict requirements are:
16:9 aspect ratio screen. 1920 by 1080 resolution. 4k would be okay but is a waste on a laptop.
Keyboard with a 10 key pad.
Blu-ray drive. (I’m not carrying around an external USB Blu-ray drive because they can fit in a laptop just fine.)
GPU that’s better than integrated graphics. (Nvidia GTX 1660 or better)

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Well I’m in the UK, so there’s that.

Other than that, I’m excited to see a product like the Framework on the market and really I love everything about it, from the 3:2 display down to the QR codes printed inside to make repair easier.

Like a few others have mentioned, I’m interested in holding out for a slightly more powerful CPU revision. Alder Lake, Ryzen, or a decent ARM SoC would all be very interesting.

I know many in the thread are hungry for a dGPU option, which is fine, but I’m in the camp where I specifically don’t want NVIDIA. I’ve had to deal with the headache of their drivers one too many times for my lifetime. So I certainly hope that iGPU/APU versions will always be available!



I doubt you will find a Blu-Ray drive today. Yes, they fit in a laptop, but the demand is niche and the laptop needs to be thicc for that.

Moreover, 16:10 is the new market standard pretty much. People are preferring taller aspect ratios or ultrawide monitors. 16:9 is moving to redundancy.

I agree with a 10 key numpad and a dGPU tho.


@Nexustastic I think the last laptop I saw for sale that met my requirements was back in 2017. My laptop was still running fine and keeping up with the new ones, so I didn’t buy a new one. Now it’s not doing so great.
You say thicc as if it’s such a bad thing. With the ability to change out components, Framework would do well to offer a chassis that is big enough to fit a better cooling solution and a 10 key pad. Even if I’m the only one that actually puts an optical drive in it, I’m sure others would be stuffing things I don’t care about in the extra space.


Not sold in Israel yet. Also, I’m waiting to see an AMD version including a discrete graphic card. Also, not the most critical thing, but Windows Hello support would be a huge plus.


Really hoping it expands globally soon, (although I see why they can’t logistically).
Easy buy for me in India.

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