Incompetence: A FedEx Rant

I pre-ordered a 12th Gen Framework for delivery in July. Knowing that my credit card doesn’t have a high enough limit to purchase the expansion cards and the laptop in one go, I ordered the expansion cards separate. They (miraculously) arrived today. I received a text from FedEx that my package was delivered to my door and within a minute, I was at the door. No package. Thinking they probably transposed the digits of my apartment, I hopefully went to check the apartment that most commonly gets deliveries meant for me (yes, it’s that common). No dice. Vainly holding hope in my heart, I went to the Front Office thinking perhaps they made an exception for once and accepted a package meant for a resident. They did not.

Thus began my hour-long search to check every single apartment in my complex, roughly 276 of 'em, spread across multiple buildings. Only after concluding my search did I find my package, sitting on my doorstep. FedEx had already come and gone as they delivered packages to the front office. So clearly some kindly stranger found my package and delivered it to its proper recipient.

FedEx is incompetent.

I don’t want FedEx to deliver my $1,100 laptop and gift it to someone else. How would I get a replacement in the event this occurs? Not from Framework, they aren’t liable once the shipper/courier takes possession. Not FedEx, they’ll just blame package thieves or say that I’m lying. Not my apartment complex either since they aren’t responsible for packages left by front doors and they don’t accept packages for residents. All that would be left to me is a chargeback on my credit card which is no good for Framework and no good for me, since I doubt Framework would care to do business with me again after I (hypothetically) burn them for $1,100.

For the love of god, ship it via UPS or USPS (USPS is preferable).

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I don’t know where you might live, but here’s how I got around FedEx being genetically composed of pure Fail. If you have a Walgreen’s nearby, check if they can hold that machine for you. The one in my neighborhood does take FedEx deliveries of laptops, so I sent my Framework there.


Could it be that a delivery man just marked your parcel as delivered while walking towards the destination “just to save time”?

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Not framework related, but a friend of mine in the US (a poor person) had to move house at short notice via greyhound. She shipped her computer (desktop) and a few other items ahead of her via FedEx, against the advice of her boyfriend at the time. The computer arrived with the case shattered into half a dozen pieces, the motherboard warped and almost bowl shaped and the cpu having been wrenched out of its socket with the cooler still attached to it. Myself and her boyfriend (both of us with considerable computer building/troubleshooting experience) had never seen anything like it and it was clearly not recoverable. We tried to salvage the ram sticks and they promptly fried the test motherboard they were put into, we still don’t know how that happened.

After much back and forth on the phone, FedEx offered to collect the remains of the computer for ‘inspection’. Again, her boyfriend advised against this, but she agreed. A week later the remains came back in considerably worse condition and FedEx denied all liability and refused to pay out for any of the damage. They didn’t even honour the insurance she’d taken out in the first place.

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I have seen some people who are able to circumvent bad FedEx delivery by contacting FedEx when the laptop ships and requesting it be held at your local FedEx office. This would at least eliminate the possibility of it getting left at the wrong apartment if it is possible for you to get to the FedEx office location.

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It’s possible, distinctly possible, as my complex is oriented in a circle so if he went one way and I went the other, I wouldn’t have seen him. Still, it’s lazy and gives a poor impression. It’s just as bad as UPS signing for my packages themselves when a signature is required and then leaving it at my door.

This is exactly what I will do, I’m updating my FedEx delivery profile now

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Are you sure? At least in EU a business seller is always responsible for the product arriving at the customer. If the shipper/courier fails to deliver the product, Framework would have to deliver a new product and try to get the money from the shipper (or their insurance).

I’m pretty sure that makes FedEx liable too if you let it be delivered to a FedEx office, instead of you / the property owner. I’ve only had one encounter with FedEx and it was horrible and lost me like a hundred bucks. I just let my local (government-funded) delivery company receive it and pick it up there.

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Very. If a courier marks it as delivered, unless I have video proof that it wasn’t delivered then I have no recourse.

In Germany, the courier would need your signature to prove that they’ve delivered it (unless you explicitly give them permission to leave it unattended on your yard/doorstep).

Or they can falsely sign for it themselves and just leave it there…yes I’ve had this happen…

I am sorry to hear that! I definitely understand your frustrations as I can’t get ANY packages from any carrier shipped to my apartment building without some sort of issue…

I would definitely recommend reaching out to our support team to see if you can get it delivered to a FedEx office or someone’s house :slight_smile:


@FrameworkBee Yeah, whenever I get a text about a delivery, I’m just going to have it re-routed to the nearest pickup point which happens to be 5 mins away. Not too big of an inconvenience. It just sucks that FedEx has one job and yet can’t seem to manage it.

I get you! Honestly, I recommend just reaching out to our support team as doing anything last minute with any carrier may give you some issues. There is a high chance they won’t be able to accept your request if the package is expected to deliver that day. I hope that’s not the case, however :crossed_fingers:

I used to handle carrier issues at my previous company, and that was often an issue, sadly…