Intel no longer manufacturing ax200?

GPD has made official statements on their new handheld that they just launched saying Intel is no longer manufacturing ax200 series chips. They said they will not be able to provide wifi 6 in their new device. How will this affect the laptop?

Here is a link where you can purchase 2000 off the shelf right now:

It is correct that the ax200 has been superseded with with the ax210, but the only difference is that it add WiFi 6E compatibility.

Whoever answered that question might not have all the facts, or simply didn’t want to answer the question with “Because it’s cheaper”.

I would imagine this would have no effect on
They are offering ax210 and ax210+vPro


@Brendan_Seabrook I was thinking it was a weird statement since I had just purchased a ax200 card not long ago. As long as it’s not impacting the ax210 cards going into the laptops I don’t care. It was just interesting that they would say that and cost shouldn’t be that big of a deal their only like $15 modules. Just made me worried that intel is facing a shortage of modules or something. Obviously their still available so very strange indeed.

No impact to us. We currently use AX201 in the pre-built system and offer AX210 with the DIY Edition.