Internal Display Initialization Failure?

I have a new DIY 7040 board and cannot get to boot. I’ve re-seated everything and checked connector pins on ram and ssd, and I think everything is initializing, except the screen.

I get 11 greens and 1 red light (12th in sequence) for error code on the side LED. I’ve also checked the display connector, which seems firmly in place from the factory.

What can be done? Is there anything else to check before I RMA?


What RAM do you have?

1x Crucial 16GB 5600MT/s at the moment. I think the RAM issue is not for this speed, no?

My understanding is the 12 light pertains to screen, but that is based on the error chart posted for Intel. Could not find the chart for the 7040 board.

Yeah the RAM wouldn’t be the issue. Have you tried reseating the connector? If it doesn’t work, then you should open a ticket with Support.

Try disconnecting the eDP display cable and attach an external display. My display was DoA (Backlight came on and was controllable but nothing displayed) and with the external display I could boot. Support sent a new display and with that everything works fine.

Actually, the memory is 5200MT/s - would this known memory issue with 7040 series block the display from powering?

The machine powers on, and I get the series of green lights, except for the last, which I think is the display failure error, though I cannot find the list for this board anywhere.

The backlight does not seem to come on, and an external display does not seem to be working via HDMI module.

Would a memory issue return these results?

Yes this is the issue. Get a kit of 5600 mhz RAM

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