Just received an AMD board that won't POST. Anyone know what alternating red and blue lights mean?

Basically title. Upgraded from an 11th gen i7 board which works fine with the current OS (Windows/Linux), but new system won’t post. Fan spins briefly, then stops. If I power it without the battery it flashes red and blue alternating lights, with the battery it’s no lights. With both, the system doesn’t boot, but the CPU heats up while the fan is off so long tests have not been run. Using crucial 5200MHz RAM in 2x16Gb.

That is your problem. There have been numerous reports of 5200 ram not working. You need 5600MHz RAM.


Noted and 5600MHz kit ordered. Thanks!

I would suggest choosing from the recommended list of ram.

It’s the same list for amd main board on fw13 and fw16

Update: 5600 version of the same kit didn’t work, going to check the recc list now.

Update: checked the list and the exact kit I have is on the list as “OK: limited validation”, which would lead me to believe that it would at least post. Still waiting on support, it’s the weekend so I’m not too surprised they haven’t gotten back to me yet

Hi @Greg_Supratman,

As you had DDR5-5200 ram in it first, I would not think that it would confuse the “training” of the system but it is a possibility. Maybe someone with more knowledge of the BIOS training could chime in.

Alternatively, some users reported that sticking ram in the LEFT hand slot (Slot 1?) and then trying to boot worked for them. After booting once, they shut it down; added the 2nd stick and it recognized both. (I am just going from memory here and it is late; essentially it was populating only ONE of the ram slots)

If none of the steps above help; maybe try hard resetting the board just to clear everything in the BIOS and components and start fresh just like it was out of the box.

Once you get it operational; updating the BIOS to the latest version seemed to settle some other issues too.

I did actually get it working just last night, I might have successfully done a board reset, but the documentation on Ryzen boards isn’t fully finished yet so idk for sure. Regardless, after waiting uncomfortably long without a fan I did get a post code which helped me with the issue, then I was able to boot and update. Thanks!


Can you describe some more? What code did it show and how did this help you?