KDE plasma 6 weird graphical bug on panels. Framework 13 AMD [Semi-Solved]

Hey guys, have been using my laptop for a month or so now but I’ve come across a weird graphical bug in KDE plasma 6. I’ve replicated this bug in Arch and now on Fedora 40. When an application is pinned to the panel and launched with the cursor from the panel. The animation on the cursor leaves behind a permanent bar below the panel. This bar or block stays even when the application is closed.
In Arch I’ve also replicated this phenomenon with a top panel.

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Also seen on KDE Plasma 6 with Framework Laptop 16. For me it only happens at some fractional scaling levels so I adjusted fractional scaling by 5% and it went away.


Rescaling got rid of it for me too. Can’t believe I didn’t try that sooner. Thanks for that.

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