Ordered a batch one alder lake DIY, request to get rid of windows key

Thank you for bringing alder lake , this what held me back from ordering previously . Excited to get one , great to see a lot feedback addressed ,

This request is regarding windows / super key , is it possible to get rid of windows icon in Diy edition now ?

Will be perfect , for the device .

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As this is a user forum I’m surprised you didn’t officially contact support, though Framework staff do see to be paying attention to the forum, somewhat

Do you want a pure black key? You could ‘paint’ over it, maybe even scratch your own design.

I don’t think they plan to have a different icon for the keyboards right now, as that adds more complexity to manufacturing

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There was some previous discussion in this thread: Replace the Windows key with a Linux one or at least a generic "super" one

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This is a requirement if Framework wants to supply Windows licenses at an OEM discount. And let’s face it - there are more Windows Framework users than Linux Framework users. Without this discount, it puts them at a considerable competitive disadvantage.

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Does this requirement covers the entire Framework product lineup, or maybe even Framework, a laptop company? Or just the specific units sold with the OEM Windows licenses?

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This covers all the prebuilt devices, the DIY version doesn’t count as a prebuilt which is why you pay the retail price of Windows. But to add one without the Windows key means they have to add one version for every language. And that adds a lot of complexity


…but what if they sell the blank key cap individually, as a purchase option? The keyboard can stay as is. Hell, even key caps (all of them or individually) as replaceable parts. e.g. WASDERT (depends on language and layout), space bar and Enter keys get worn out sooner than others in general.

That is, find ways to do it, instead of having answers for not to do it.


Most certainly they are replaceable, I was merely quoting FW staff on why they didn’t want to

But manually replacing a key pad is not covered by warranty :slight_smile:

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FYI you could get the blank ANSI or ISO layout and place on the symbols you want on the keys. granted you don’t get that zero z height smoothness and the perfect precision of machine placement of the text.

Well looks like i have to look for a hig quality key sticker for now

If you were willing to risk removing it and replacing with a blank maybe you can paint it from the inside, with a little black nail varish on the outside.

Nail varnish is great. I’ve used it on cracked screens, to stop dust moisture and to smooth it to my tender fingers ~ still there years later. Clear on the usable part, black on the surrounds/bezel.