Laptop Crashes when Idle / sleeping

Problem: My brand new 12th generation i5 Framework crashes every 10 - 15 minutes when leaving it idle/sleeping. For example, I start a latex install (which takes about 40 minutes). At some point, the screen shuts off (but the installation should be working in the background). Some more time after that, I saw that the laptop rebooted without a blue screen.
Update: for once, I was able to get a minidump. I cannot upload it here but I am happy to send.

Other behavior that might give an indication: Furthermore, I have observed that even with a closed lid, the laptop loses a lot of power and creates a lot of heat. I chalked that up to a windows update, and following another thread here I set it to hibernate when I close the lid.

OS: Windows 11 Pro | 22H2 (completely clean install)
12th Generation DIY but with
“PC300 NVMe SK hynix 256GB” SSD from my old laptop (that was working perfectly before and that I wiped before plugging it in)
Gskill DDR4 3200 CL22 Memory (2 x 32Gb)

What I tried to fix it:
I examined the event logs (which I have also saved and can upload if needed). However, it seems like the laptop just creates a red ERROR log after powering on again and it gives little indication as to what is happening.
I removed one of the memory sticks. Tried again. Crash again. Then used the other memory stick in its original position. Tried again. Crashed again.

Any tips would be very appreciated.