Laptop Freezes after 3-5 hours of use

Framework Model is Batch 2, I7-1260P, 32gb Corsair 3200 MHZ Ram. I am using the WD SN 770 Black 1TB. I am not sure what is causing the issue, but after some time, the computer will freeze and the fans will kick on while the laptop generates heat. I installed a copy of windows 11 home during the initial install. I am using an EGPU during this time, but I don’t think it should cause a freeze during use.

I could imagine the eGPU being the culprit. Say for instance that the eGPU enclosure disconnects from the laptop for too long, it’s possible the GPU driver would crash, and therefore cause the OS to freeze while attempting to process a broken command causing the processor to continue heating up.
That may not be very detailed, but I would advise testing without the eGPU to see if you encounter the same issue. If not, I’d say it would be safe to assume the eGPU is at fault, and troubleshooting from there.

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First off, I’d recommend sending a message to support, but while you wait to hear back from them, I would also recommend trying to use your laptop for an extended period of time without the eGPU, to negate that a a possible issue. If you have two sticks of RAM in the computer you could also try removing each to see if that resolves the issue. Finally if you’re desperate and haven’t seen any improvements you could try reinstalling Windows, or booting a Linux live environment to rule out software issues.