LCD backlight off

Hi community - I recently did a main board swap. Everything seems to have worked, and when I turn on the machine I’m presented with a bitlocker screen to enter my key. Thing is, the screen is dark, really dark, and the brightness keys don’t do anything but the rest of the keyboard works. Seems to me like the backlight is off. I’ve opened it up and reseated the screen connector to the main board, but to no avail.

Any suggestions on what to troubleshoot?

I’d really recommend reaching out to support, if you haven’t already.
I had a similar issue, and I’m starting to suspect that my display connector isn’t in the best shape (or that the wire running to the display is dying since some of the protective rubber is peeling). Also, there could be something with the network and display cables on the right side of the mainboard and how you route those, but I’m not entirely sure if that’s what fixed it, or if it was just getting lucky with bezel/re-plugging everything back in.

I would highly doubt any of these are the case for you, given that the display already worked before hand, and that the mainboard is brand new.

In the case that you’ve solved it in the meantime, I’m curious what fixed it for you, since this also seems to be one of the only threads on the forums right now about this issue. If not, here’s a link to the support page:

I had to replace the input cover. I think it was faulty, perhaps at the latch the touchpad cable is threaded through. Contact support.