Local currency pricing


I have taken notice of the fact that in the list of countries and regions on the “Choose Location and Language” subpage, there is a corresponding local currency next to every item.

This has gotten me thinking, will there be an option to pay in a non-local currency, such as EUR or USD, regardless of a selected country or region?

I am not knowledgeable about what obstacles a company conducting business on the global scale has to face, and what logistics challenges the introduction of such an option would pose, but it would be useful to, say, those of us who keep our savings in a different currency.

To everyone else, what do you think might be a convincing reason to adopt this if any?

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They will likely not implement something like this as world currencies’ worth fluctuates and this would give people an opportunity to buy the laptop for a lower price than what their local currency would offer.

This might, indeed, be of a valid concern to framework.

As for me, I am only asking that both EUR and USD can be used alongside my local currency.

Either way, thanks for your input on this!

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