Purchase Currency Question

I have the option of purchasing this in CAD or USD. When exploring the difference, it appears that the prices being shown are based off of the official exchange rate. This is appreciated :slight_smile:

Is there any reason why I should choose one over the other? I believe Framework is a US-based company, so I originally assumed that USD would be best but it is looking like it doesn’t matter either way. The laptop will be shipped to a Canadian address, if that matters.

Are you in the US or Canada?

Usually this option comes up on a Canadian-issued credit card when you try to put through a payment requesting US funds. If you’re in Canada and tried to put through an order, the request comes through in CAD so you’re normally not given that option.

If you’re in Canada and are using the Framework US site, your use of a Canadian credit card may trip Framework’s fraud detection and your order may be cancelled. Framework’s site should normally detect you’re in Canada and default to CAD, so I’m curious how you’re seeing payments in USD.

If you’re in Canada, using a Canadian-issued credit card, your page should look like this.

If you’re in Canada, shipping to an address in Canada using a Canadian-issued credit card and the order page looks like that, do whatever works in your favo(u)r. :canada: Usually, if you have the option, that’s payment in US funds at a slightly worse exchange rate rather than a hefty currency exchange fee.

I’m in Canada, and I have access to a few different credit cards:

  1. CAD card for foreign transactions (USD transactions are converted into CAD, but there’s no foreign exchange charge)
  2. CAD card for CAD transactions
  3. USD card (USD transactions stay in USD, then paid off in USD)

I habitually check both USD and CAD prices since I have those options. There’s an option on the bottom of the page to adjust geographies, but sometimes I use a VPN if helpful. I figured since it looked the same on my end, I would check if it would cause any issues for Framework. I like Framework and don’t want to be a troublesome customer. I think in my case, #1 and #3 are the same for both Framework and myself, but #1 is better for not messing with the fraud detection system.

As long as you don’t use that to present prices to you in USD, as long as you’re paying prices in CAD using a Canadian-issued credit card for something to be shipped to an address in Canada, it’ll be fine. Use whatever. Canadian Tire Money? If you can convert it to CAD, no problem, whatever works for you.

I agree, it’s great that Canadians don’t have to pay exchange rate + 40%, which you sometimes see.

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