Returning the Framework

Hey all :slight_smile:

Sadly i have to return my Framework. I ordered it on the 19.08 so I have time till the 19.09 to return it. Now i am waiting already for a few days for the Support to answer my request (sending return label and so on) and i am starting to worry i will not be able to ship my framework in time.
Did anyone had the same issue before ?



I do not think you should worry as the date you made the return request is the one that matters not when support send you a response or a label and you should have evidence of that request in the form of an email as well as some sort of response automated or otherwise.

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What is the reason for the return?

Usually, the buyer pays for return shipping, unless the item is defective and the seller agrees.


The battery life doesnt suit my needs thats the main reason why i am returning the framework. other than that i really like it. i thought the screen size might be a problem for me but the 3:2 ratio is really doing the framework a favor

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