Mini LED Replacement Display

Here is an update on my mini LED replacement panel. It is not a drop-in replacement. Both panels have the same number of pins on the connector. But, the Framework Laptop 16 monitor has a higher density connector. So, an adapter is required.

Framework on the Right
Mini LED on the Left


Mini LED panel

Framework Panel

If anyone knows of the connector the Framework panel uses please let me know! I might be able to make a female-to-male adapter to plug the Framework display cable into the new monitor.

what panel (brand+model) is this?

edit: nevermind, I see it (slightly) in the picture

Here is the information for the panel: NE160QDM-NM4 BOE0B74

Here are some dimentions of the min LED and Framework panels.

Mini LED Panel:

Framework Panel:

This is the Aliexpress listing I purchased it from:

The pin pitch on the Framework panel connector is 0.25 mm compared to 0.5 mm on the Mini LED panel.

The connector difference could be worked around. But, the Framework Laptop 16 monitor lid will need to be remade to fit this new screen. The back of the panel contains the driver board which adds significant thickness. The Framework panel by comparison moves the driver board down below the panel so that there is nothing behind the panel.

It’s about 1.5mm thicker at the bottom compared to the Framework panel. So I’d have to make a tall bezel unless I wanted the panel slanted. But, then I’d need a slanted bezel.

Maybe in the future if Framework releases CAD files for the lid I’ll try modifying it and 3D printing my own lid to accommodate this panel.


CABLINE®-CA II looks like a match while being 0.4mm pitch. The miniLED display uses a MSAK24025 from STM (no not the semiconductors company)

Here is a test of the mini LED panel with a eDP driver board.

I wish I could use this panel on my Framework 16. But, I believe that installing this panel would require making a new panel lid.


I have been in contact with a 3d scanning company for the panel for my own projects and they came back with a quote for around a 1000 dollars. Its a little too expensive for me alone. I have been asking for CAD files since before this damn thing released but my voice has fallen on deaf ears. The 3d scanning could be cheaper perhaps with the following factors.

  1. Removal of items MAY reduce time to model meaning easier process
  2. If someone knows how to model with just raw 3d scan data, then the cost is significantly lower (assuming the company im speaking with allows that)
  3. If someone/multiple people in the community have access to the tools needed for this, we can reduce the cost.

Another option is if we get enough interested parties, we may be able to lower the cost if we all chip in. Right now the 2 of us is probably not enough. (Kickstarter idea???)

We can also attempt to take measurements ourselves with off the shelf parts. the top lid is simpler than the bottom.

I just got an update, the STL file alone is around $300. The stl will work for metal 3dprints but something like this needs to be milled tbh.

Any company worth their salt that does milling will produce what you want from the STL file. That is one of the normal input files for a CNC machine or laser cutter.

You might struggle to get somewhere to do it cheap enough though unless you find a Chinese company to do it.

Most CNC companies will have a minimum value you need to meet to make it worth their time to make the programmes and tool up for the job. You’d have to order a lot of parts to even get their attention and make it cheap enough per part to sell on.

I work in CNC (CNC Turner by trade with experience in CNC milling and manual machining). Unless you can find someone in the community that would be willing to help you I think you’ll struggle on this one.

I’ve seen some good quality parts come from CNC companies in China but there is also the risk that you get what you pay for and nothing fits.

Someone with a set of large digital callipers and CAD software could easily model something to take the new panel (been there done that with other things), but it’ll take some time to properly design it with the strength you need to stop it twisting (I think they could have added extra strength into the standard part as it flexes a lot when lifting).

JLCPCB my dude.

JLCPCB will manufacture stuff for you. Their metal process is pretty decent but they have limitations… one of which is not being able to cnc with STL.

Even if they could cnc with STL the cad conversion is still a lot of work . I will ask for the price of a magnets/metal ONLY scan.

Jimsiss would you be willing to help?

Your expertise could be useful and if we have enough expertise maybe we can persue rebuilding a chassis from scratch.

The reason I am interested in this beyond the screen is that I have been working on trying to get the laptop black.

I have managed for the bottom enclosure but there are a LOT of magnets for the screen which makes me worried about the process.

You can see the results here Has Anyone Stripped Down The Framework To The Aluminum Case And Stone Washed Or Anodized It Yet? - #10 by rom4ster

With expertise like yours the option of making something from scratch may be on the table.

I wish I had the time but I’m currently too busy. I bought a small CNC lathe for my home workshop last July and have only made one part on it. I bought my FW16 to be the controller and the CAD/CAM machine for it so that is one of many jobs I’ve got lined up currently.