USB-C external monitor fails to recognize in W11

Have 12th gen i5 w/ W11. Over the past several months every now and then I will experience no external output from USB-C connection. Normally a reboot fixes it.

Today, I am getting no external display on W11. Dual booting Fedora, the display works fine. So it’s not my monitor, and not the cord.

After multiple reboots, checking if W11 is up to date, swapping input cards as well as swapping input sides, etc I have found no solution.

Any thoughts?

Here is device manager, it does see my monitor, but won’t output?

This is interesting, right around the time I experienced issues:

I found drivers on Acer website, reinstalled and restarted and working now. At least that is fixed. Now, Fedora has no wifi…ufb.

This is why people buy Macs lol

That’s unfortunately normal if you’re dual booting, you might need to disable “Turn on fast startup” in in the Windows Power settings.