MS Flight Simulator (2020) surprise

In an time of boredom, I went to the MS Store and installed MS Flight Simulator to my 11th Gen Batch 1 Framework 13.
It gave me a warning that it might not run, but installed anyway.

Then it did the second step install of scenery and aircraft and whatever else.

Finally, it actually ran. Some stuttering, but it ran, even with just the on board Intel graphics!

A pleasant surprise!

Granted, I have 64 GB RAM, so that probably helped.

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Recently purchased an Anker 737 power bank that can put out 100 watts.

Connected it to my Framework 11th Gen Batch one and the display on the battery indicates that the computer is drawing up to about 90 watts while running Flight Simulator :airplane:. The rate is varying as the simulation load varies.

Curious if it’s also charging during that test, it charges at ~60W, so that number would make much more sense! I’ve had some luck running MSFS on a UHD 630 (something like 144p though xD) so it makes some sense that it would run well on the much stronger Iris Xe!

Yes, it is charging as well.
Purposefully used some juice, to get it to 75%. Just looked and it is boosted the 85% limit.

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