MS Flight Simulator

Ages ago, Microsoft Flight Simulator was a Benchmark program that many used to validate compatibility with the IBM PC standard.

With the Iris XE graphics, will the current version of Flight Simulator run?
It’s expecting a high end graphics card for best performance.

Per Microsoft, The following are recommended:
Radeon RX 570 / NVIDIA GTX 770

My understanding is that the most recent Microsoft flight simulator is an absolute beast of a program to run. I think the minimum requirements are a bit of a joke frankly. I’ve run it on a 2060 super and I get 30 FPS on medium. I think the Iris graphics would have a seizure trying to run it :sweat_smile:

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My current system is a Lenovo laptop with Nvidia 1050 level graphics. I find it acceptable, most of the time.

Never have had the latest greatest hardware to run it on. So rarely have I used the highest fidelity settings.

Oh ok. I’ve only had my singular experience with the 2060 so you’d probably know better in this department then. I know tech review channels use it to stress test modern hardware so I had assumed it was a bit of a Crysis situation

Not a Crysis at all for me :slight_smile:. I used Flight Simulator from SubLogic on an 8 bit Atari. If it runs and mostly gives me 15+ fps I’ll be happy.

Looks like MSFS wants a discreet graphics processor, so will have to see.