MS Flight Simulator

Ages ago, Microsoft Flight Simulator was a Benchmark program that many used to validate compatibility with the IBM PC standard.

With the Iris XE graphics, will the current version of Flight Simulator run?
It’s expecting a high end graphics card for best performance.

Per Microsoft, The following are recommended:
Radeon RX 570 / NVIDIA GTX 770

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My understanding is that the most recent Microsoft flight simulator is an absolute beast of a program to run. I think the minimum requirements are a bit of a joke frankly. I’ve run it on a 2060 super and I get 30 FPS on medium. I think the Iris graphics would have a seizure trying to run it :sweat_smile:


My current system is a Lenovo laptop with Nvidia 1050 level graphics. I find it acceptable, most of the time.

Never have had the latest greatest hardware to run it on. So rarely have I used the highest fidelity settings.

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Oh ok. I’ve only had my singular experience with the 2060 so you’d probably know better in this department then. I know tech review channels use it to stress test modern hardware so I had assumed it was a bit of a Crysis situation

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Not a Crysis at all for me :slight_smile:. I used Flight Simulator from SubLogic on an 8 bit Atari. If it runs and mostly gives me 15+ fps I’ll be happy.

Looks like MSFS wants a discreet graphics processor, so will have to see.

I have actually run MS Flight Simulator 2020 on my Batch 1 FW13, 11th Gen Intel Device.
I am configured with 64GB RAM, so that likely helps.

MSFS does give me a warning that the PC is not compatible when it starts up.

Thanks for your help Edward.

I have the same FW13 as you and want to run MSFS 2020 also with a Yawman controller. Is it still working for you and do you use an XBOX emulator or did you somehow download MSFS 2020 for Windows on your PC? I haven’t figured that out yet.

Thank you,

I downloaded FS2020 from the regular Microsoft Store.
1185 with 64 Gb ram, 2 Tb ssd.

I think the Xbox app is also on the PC.
I’ve used it with an Xbox Elite controller.

All the Sim updates and World updates are on it.

Have not allowed most purchased content to download.

Mostly works, occasionally freezes or crashes to desktop, but that also happens on my PC with discreet graphics.

Nothing special, really.

Thank you.

I downloaded Xbox app, but I’ve been unable to find FS2020 on Microsoft Store, not to mention the Sim updates and World updates I haven’t checked on yet.

Not sure how to get around this.

Pitching in that I used to run MSFS2020 on UHD 630 (about 3-4x weaker than Iris Xe?).
Of course it only ran at about 30FPS at ~200p, but the gameplay was more important than the visuals for me back then :slight_smile:

Microsoft has it listed as Microsoft Flight Simulator.
No year associated with it.
There is also a Deluxe and a Premium Deluxe edition.
At some point they also included Fortieth Anniversary branding.

Did I mention that my FW13 is still Windows 10?

Thank you all. I was able to get it running based on your help. Still trying to configure yawman and a CH yoke controller, but I think it will work when I get some more time.

God bless y’all, and thank you again.

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