New AMD laptop not turning on

Yesterday I received my DIY AMD laptop and proceeded with the instructions. Unfortunately, I have not made it to OS installation yet. Currently, the laptop does not turn on when I press the power button. The power button does not light up either. When I open the input cover, the LEDs blink red as the guides suggest is normal. The battery appeared to charge correctly, as the LED turned red while plugged in, then white after an hour or so.
So, it seems that maybe (hopefully only?) the input cover kit is not working correctly. I followed the instructions by checking both ends of the cable connector.

Are there any other tests or resets that might help figure out the source of this issue? After waiting so long, I’m disappointed to hit this snag right out of the gate.

Welcome to the forum. Sorry that it’s a problem which brings you here.

I’d suggest re-seating the cables for the fingerprint reader and input cover, if you haven’t already. Fingerprint Reader Replacement Guide - Framework Guides Step 6 and the other end pictured in Step 12. If that doesn’t help, you could try pressing the power button on the motherboard. Presuming you’re comfortable trying that, of course.
[IN-TICKET] Switching power despite defective Fingerprint module - #3 by MJ1

Have you contacted support?

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Thank you for the quick response! I took the input cover off to find the other power button and noticed no blinking LED lights. It had been unplugged since last night. I unplugged the keyboard connector and plugged in the charger, the lights began blinking but also… the laptop seems to have turned on by itself! It booted to the BIOS screen. I carefully reattached the keyboard cable and put the lid back on, and now I can navigate the menus. I inserted the USB stick with an OS installation image and I believe I am able to install the OS. The keys and touchpad seem to be working. However, the power button light is dark. Perhaps there is some kind of short in that button?
I did submit a request to support, but the automated reply did not provide a tracking number and suggested the forum would get the fastest response.

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Definitely possible that there’s a problem with just the fingerprint button or it’s cable.

Reseating the fingerprint sensor didn’t fix the problem with it. But, I’ve managed to get Windows 11 installed and install the Framework driver bundle, which enabled the WiFi drivers. A notification popped up that the “Goodix fingerprint device was not found!”, but that’s probably expected. If/when support gets back to me, I guess the fix is somewhat clear. Thank you for very much for helping get this laptop into usable shape!

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Just want to check that you saw this post about the “power on with AC attach” BIOS option

It should help you be able to start up your laptop more easily in the meantime. Since the motherboard power button is not exactly easy to use regularly.

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Thank you. I did read that link, but I think the new AMD motherboard layout is a bit different. I never found a power button, but I did enable that setting in the BIOS.