Newly received Framework 13 not booting up - HELP

Received and assembled a new 13” AMD Framework laptop. Unfortunately it doesn’t boot up. Black screen and solid green LED through all the trouble shooting steps. What I have done:

  1. Both RAM sticks, 32GB (Crucial CT2K16G56C46S5). Single RAM stick, 16GB, bank 0 and 1, then swap 2nd RAM stick.
  2. Remove NVME (Sabrent Rocket 4.0 1TB).
  3. Reseat NVME.
  4. Unplug/replug screen cable to mainboard
  5. Unplug/replug input cover
  6. Remove NVME, RAM then try booting
  7. Mainboard reset following (Remove the Input Cover. Press the chassis open switch in the center of the Mainboard 10 times, you must press it slowly, so press for 2 seconds. Release, wait for the red blink on the Mainboard LEDs. repeat.)

I did contact Framework support but would like to get help in the mean time. Thanks in advance.

Have you waited long enough? Initial ram training can take a few minutes.

Can you try connecting an external screen? Maybe the laptop is booting fine and just the screen is unconnected or broken?

Thank you for replying. I waited around 15-30 mins for each tests but didn’t work. I did connect to external monitor earlier but it didn’t work. However, after some more reseat, reset, and, connecting to external screen again, it actually boot up!

I am happy that mainboard seems fine. But looks like screen needs to be replaced.

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Nice. Since you messed with the screen connector earlier, probably double check that it’s connected properly. You can also shine some bright light on the screen (when the screen should be displaying something), to check if the data connection is bad, or the backlight. If you see something with the light, it’s probably a backlight problem.

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One other thing I would suggest, is that you check the display cable for bent pins. It is a delicate cable, similar to the battery connector, and it is possible there is damage there as well.

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I am actually having the same issue for the second time on my 13th gen FW13. Mine stopped working both time when it became discharged. First time Framework sent me a new mainboard and I have not had time to contact support again about the second one. Both worked perfectly for a couple months each.