No driver for my Jelly 2 phone?

Another day, another confusion.
I admit it, it is all my own fault for not going with mainstream products but they are usually superior. Today’s problem is that connecting my Jelly 2 to my Framework 16 to transfer photos is not going well. I have moved to Windows 11 with this machine but it is not a Windows 11 problem as it connects as expected on my husband’s Windows 11 Lenovo.
This bit has been solved ;-
I first thought it was a lead problem even though I had not seen anything like it before, the phone was showing it was connected and charging but usually the choices to change to file transfer or anything else were greyed out. Occasionally they would become black and I could choose file transfer but then it would flash back to grey and lose the choice. After buying new data leads I discovered that having the USB A in one of the back 4 positions was causing it. When I moved the USB A to the front position it acted normally.
However, I still could not get the computer to transfer files, they wouldn’t copy and paste, they wouldn’t import. I tried to update a driver CCleaner said I needed but it wouldn’t update either with the phone attached to the computer or not. Then the icon for the Jelly 2 /mtp device ( randomly called either) disappeared in devices and this PC although it still appears in device manager. If you right click on it in device manager and choose ‘update driver’ you get this message

So here I am!
I have updated to the latest bios and driver bundle at the beginning of the week so I should be up to date.
I have transferred the files by bluetooth but it was a very long process which I don’t want to have to do again.
What is the problem? Is it a Framework driver problem or something I can sort out myself?
Anyone who can help me solve this will have copious blessings heaped on their heads :wink: