NVME M.2 to SATA adapter supported?

I am thinking of ideas for my 11th gen i5 board if I upgrade to a 12th gen. I think the i5 board would be a good replacement for my old i7-6700k that has been running as my blueiris server. The i5-1135G7, at least per the numbers, is better than the 6700k, and consumes much less power. The only issue to overcome is the (my) need for sata ports for my storage drives. There are m.2 to sata adapters appear to be popular for folks setting up NAS devices, and was curious if anyone has experience with them, and have possibly used them in a framework board? I could boot Windows on a USB-C storage expansion drive, and have blueiris write direct-to-disc on sata drives. (I would be looking at a 2 port SATA adapter)



The only limitations of such devices are that you can’t boot from it, and that the PCB is very thin and bendable.

Looks like you’ve covered the first limitation. As for the second, the advice seems to be plug in the SATA cables first, then secure it into the M.2 slot.

I have never seen a report of anyone using it in a Framework mainboard, but there’s no reason it wouldn’t work.