OcuLink Expansion Bay Module

Yes, as bleuthoot said, you’ll need the non-GPU Expansion Bay Shell.

See OcuLink Expansion Bay Module - #177 by Josh_Cook

A non-GPU Expansion Bay Shell and a Graphics Module interposer is needed.

Thanks, I put in an order for the module and I will order the shell as well.

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If you have the GPU, you shouldn’t need the Graphics Module interposer since you have one already. Unless you want an extra one.

I bought the Shell and the Oculink Module. I didn’t buy the Interposer. It is kind of expensive and I already have it :smiley:

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Why did you need a shell? Does josh only sell the module and the modification of the plastic is up to you?

See OcuLink Expansion Bay Module - #177 by Josh_Cook
He is selling the OcuLink PCB he created, plus a 3d printed back piece that allows plugging into the OcuLink. You still need a non-GPU expansion bay shell. The standard one that just has the CPU cooling fans. The back piece on it was made to be replaceable to accommodate things just like this. If he was selling the entire expansion bay shell as well, it would be much more expensive.

You need a non-GPU Expansion Bay Shell and a Graphics Module interposer if you do not have them already. Note that the non-GPU / fan-only interposer will not work.

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Would love to see how you have modded the Razer Core X as I’ve got a Razer Core X Chroma I’m considering doing this with when I get my Framework 16.

Either that or selling it & just buying a new E-GPU holder setup.

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I plan to share it on EGPU.io quite soon, I will send you the link when I uploaded it, also with pictures. There are several steps you can follow to mod it that really improve the experience. I would tend to keep the Razer Core X if you would like to have a closed case EGPU. For open ones, you could consider one dock v2.


Any updates on the oculink i8 module by [Josh_Cook] ? Super interested in it, but I’m not willing to pre purchase it. Hoping someone has gotten theirs already and can vouch on how it works. Any pictures or video would be super awesome.

Latest update from Josh is

“Just checked in with Nirav, no updates yet but Framework is still working on documentation, though I may consider reverse engineering the boards I have available to me to speed up the process.”

As far as I know, there has been no new updates and nothing has been shipped out yet.

Just wait till I have it in stock, I’m going to be making more than enough.


For sure, thanks for the response. in the meantime i have been trying to find a oculink i8 eGPU dock, only product i could find was this from cablecc.com

I’m super new to all this eGPU stuff and didnt even know oculink was a thing until about 5 days ago, so not 100% sure if this product will work with the module at full pcie 4.0 x 8 speeds, but unless someone else with more knowledge tell me this wont work, i’ll be giving it a try with my 3090 whenever the expansion bay module becomes available.

Im in batch 20 though, so at least a couple more months ¯\(ツ)

also an Amazon link i found of the same thing i think - https://a.co/d/aKSR8cg

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Batch 16, just got my email, and I’m super-interested in this as well as the whole herd of people above. I’d love to have the ability to hook PCIe cards up to the laptop.

Hi Josh, Do you have any local shipping options as I’m in Aus as well?

I’m on Batch 20, hoping to get my Framework 16 by the end of June.

Yep, just go on my store and the rates will be calculated via Sendle.

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Great thanks, just confirming this is it, had to dig back through posts in the thread: OcuLink 8x Expansion Bay Module (i2clabs.com.au)?


Or those other two options as well, but yup, that’s correct.

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Yep, anything with i2clabs is mine

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When is it going to be available? I’ve got my Oculink 8x adapter and cable sitting on my desk (my desktop has Oculink as well) so I’m ready to grab one as soon as I can.

No ETA available right now.