Partition drive question

I would like to partition the 500 gb NVMe drive in half (250 for C and 250 for data)
I want C drive to be GPT. Should I just do full install and then shrink C to create D drive?
I read that if you try to partition during install it makes drive MBR

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It only makes the drive MBR if you’ve booted in legacy mode. Make sure you’re in that mode before booting, or initialize it as GPT using Diskpart (shift+f10 to open CMD in the installer). If the drive is initialized as GPT the installer will simply refuse to advance if it’s booted in the wrong mode. I would still suggest shrinking the volume after installation because Windows likes to make some extra partitions for system stuff and gets really finicky if you try to get in its way.

I thought there is an option during windows install to pick GPT. When I installed win 10 in my desktop on a brand new NVMe drive and new build, I did not have to open diskpart to end up with GPT, but I don’t remember where the option to GPT was.

If you start with a fresh install of Windows 10 on a UEFI machine, the position table should have been automatically created as GPT.

So Framework is definately UEFI, and it will create GPT?

The Framework is UEFI-only. So a clean install of Windows 10 with the default settings will definitely end up as GPT.

can’t wait to get it, but am in batch 5