Payment does not work

3 pictures that summarize my problem with payment.

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I have the money and for the 4th time I tried still does not work.

Something has triggered the Fraud Analysis AI that your bank is using to process transactions on your card.
Four attempts for the same amount in a short time could be a factor.
Recommend that you contact your bank.
Hopefully nothing else is amiss.

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1st try it already said that Insufficient funds

so I tried to buy a game on steam and it works.

The only company who can tell you why a transaction was declined is your card provider - you need to contact them. They will either see no transaction record (in which case it’s a problem with Framework or more likely their payment processor (which I think is Stripe, who are generally pretty good)), or they will be able to identify why your card was declined.

As has been mentioned, it’s most likely to be a fraud algorithm trigger that only your bank will be able to discuss with you. These are only on a transaction by transaction basis so a transaction elsewhere for a totally different amount isn’t necessarily a reliable comparator. Sometimes banks have some really weird rules in their fraud detection algorithms because they’re almost all defined by AI.

If your bank have no record of the transaction reaching them, then it’s time to contact Framework Support!

We definitely recommend filing a support request for payment issues: Framework | Support