Possible reason for screen light bleed

Hey everyone, was just looking at my framework 16 and was noticing the light bleed on the corners. Not a huge deal, but something I noticed and was mentioned in the ltt review I believe. Then I noticed that there was less points of light bleed with the bezel off and that some of the points matched where the bezel mounted. I also noticed that the four corners where it is the most significant are obviously where the screws are to hold the panel in and by adjusting tension, I could make it better, but not perfect. Wondering if maybe the issues aren’t with the panel but just some pressure points in the screen mount.


Hopefully this is something that the Framework team will see and address

That’s interesting. Thanks for actually having the laptop instead of complaining about reviews :wink:

And also noticing the correlation. Wonder if the thinnest of spacers on some of the screw mounts actually can offset enough to still be secure but without putting whatever pressure/flex/whatever it is onto thode spots on the screen.

That’s what I was thinking they might be able to implement. It’s a fantastic machine overall.

Maybe try loosening some of the screws 1/4-1/2 a turn at a time, see if that makes a visible change. If so, that’s a clue.

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