Power Issue?

Applied power through the provided power cable, no light on between USB C slots. The system does not come on at all.

I traded out the power cable and box. Still nothing.

Used an alternate cable and the power from My Macbook pro still not work.

Without a multimeter how would I go about troubleshooting this.

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I’ll always recommend sending a message to support, but if you want to do more troubleshooting on your own, we could use a little bit more info to help you.

Is this an 11th gen, 12th gen, or Chromebook Edition?

What OS do you have installed?

Have you tried multiple different USB-C ports on the laptop/expansion cards to rule out a bad port or bad card?

(longest shot) have you tried a different wall outlet? (very likely not the solution, but had to check)


Please contact support for help with this.