Problem using German address for shipping

as Framework finally started selling to European Union (at least to Germany & France)
I’m trying to add a German address to my account,
but doing so I get a generic error message
“Address not valid. Please check your address, zip code and state”.

I can provide you most of the address since is a service

<name> <last name> 
Oder Haus, Gewerbepark-Meyenburg 1, 
<my 6 digits account number>
D-16306, Germany
<my own phone number>

I’d like to know what the system does not like of this address.

Entering the zip code w/ numbers only and the company’s German phone number
yield the same result

Thank you in advance


It probably needs you to specify the state, which would be Brandenburg in this case (while it is neither necessary nor usual to specify the state in a German address). And the ZIP code needs to be without the “D-” prefix.

If that still doesn’t work, you may want to contact support.


I did try to enter the zip code w/ and w/o “D-”
and I added the appropriate “bundesland”
still getting the error as above

I guess you can just drop the “Oder Haus,”-part. Since I can’t find this address in Maps, I assume that it’s not part of the street name (it just means “or house,” anyway). Just the name of the street and number should be fine.