Problem using German address for shipping

as Framework finally started selling to European Union (at least to Germany & France)
I’m trying to add a German address to my account,
but doing so I get a generic error message
“Address not valid. Please check your address, zip code and state”.

I can provide you most of the address since is a service

<name> <last name> 
Oder Haus, Gewerbepark-Meyenburg 1, 
<my 6 digits account number>
D-16306, Germany
<my own phone number>

I’d like to know what the system does not like of this address.

Entering the zip code w/ numbers only and the company’s German phone number
yield the same result

Thank you in advance

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It probably needs you to specify the state, which would be Brandenburg in this case (while it is neither necessary nor usual to specify the state in a German address). And the ZIP code needs to be without the “D-” prefix.

If that still doesn’t work, you may want to contact support.


I did try to enter the zip code w/ and w/o “D-”
and I added the appropriate “bundesland”
still getting the error as above

I guess you can just drop the “Oder Haus,”-part. Since I can’t find this address in Maps, I assume that it’s not part of the street name (it just means “or house,” anyway). Just the name of the street and number should be fine.