Rattling sound / broken part?

There was a metalic moving part loose inside my framework 16. I don’t have the GPU upgrade so I’ve removed the extension module and found a 1/4"x2" black piece of aluminium sheet inside the fan bay.

I would like to know where it come from and if there’s a broken piece in my laptop.
Also, closing the expansion bay was difficult, the plastic clips on the black part won’t align properly so it won’t be something I would change regularly.

Hey Dany,

Thanks for your post. I wasn’t able to recognize this mysterious part; I don’t believe it’s a component of the laptop module as it was intended.

Could you please clarify what you mean by “the plastic clips on the black part won’t align properly”? If there is a quality issue, we would definitely like to investigate further. If you could provide additional pictures showing how it’s misaligned, we can offer more assistance.

Alternatively, you can contact our support team and provide them with the pictures.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Hi @Dany_Perreault_L,

That looks like a piece of excess from parts stamping with a die.

You now have a part few have ever seen. If it was a piece of clear plastic I would chalk it up to the new effort of transparency in production…

Terrible joke, I will see myself out… :wink:

I understand it can help framework to make a better product in the futur so I will try to explain exactly what happen but I’m not planing on buying an extetnal module and I don’t want to break my new laptop so unless it’s requested by framework I won’t open it again. So here a picture of how it look with the expansion bay properly installed…

and here a representation of how it was bended upward when I first tried to close it.

The small line represent the position of the black plastic on the expension module. The red curve represent the position of the black plastic on the laptop, between the screen hinges. the gap was curved from one hinge to the other and about 1/8" wide at the center. I successfully managed to close it without bracking anything by carefully pushing guiding and sliding each clips into the right spot but it was a 15 to 20 minutes process.

I added ram to my laptop than found another ratling sound
Opening the expansion bay shell again I found another piece of metal inside the fan area, same dimension as the first one and once again had to push and twist the expansion bay shell to be able to close it properly. Here some more pictures of it.

Sorry for the late reply Dany, we believe the first part belongs here, is the second one you have found metallic like the first one? is it identical or just similar size?

identical and yes I think this is it but should I worry? do I have to put it there? how is it suposed to stay in place? And is it why my expansion bay is so diffucult to close?

Thanks for your reply, I’ve asked the team and I’ll get back to you (please reply back if you notice something else)

meanwhile, please send a ticket to our support team and we can track this issue from that side as well.