Recommend a Bluetooth mouse without receiver

Day 2 and I’m enjoying my new Framework Laptop 13.

I’m running Ubuntu 22.04 and my old Logitech M590 mouse won’t connect to my laptop. I only have USB-C ports and besides, I’d like to connect my mouse without using a USB dongle/receiver. I could do that with my Dell XPS 13, which is a few years old.

Can anyone recommend a wireless Bluetooth mouse that will connect to the Laptop 13 without needing to plugin a dongle/receiver? I prefer smaller mice from a decent brand e.g. Logitech but open to all suggestions!

Take a look at Logitech’s MX/Master series. I’ve used my current MX Master 3 for several years. IIRC it comes with a dongle which is optional, I’ve been using it exclusively with Bluetooth across 4 different laptops. This includes 2 FW13s, one 11gen with Intel AX210 WiFi/BT and an AMD with the AMD/Mediatek adapter. Both with Linux, both work well.

If on Linux, definitely look into Solaar and the desktop system’s keyboard customization for things like configuring the mouse’s “extra” thumb button for the functionality you want.


A portable option that I like and use as a daily driver that you can pick up in just about any Target or Walmart for around $20USD is the Logitech M240.

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Interesting. Do you know if it works with NiMH rechargeable and/or lithium non-rechargeable AAs? Thinking of the proverbial leaking alkaline AA cell here (at least from flashlight and remote control experience).

I have some Amazon Basics that I use, no problem. I haven’t really thought about how long they last…More than a month, less than the 18 months listed on the specs, though…Also it probably isn’t as nice feeling as your recommendations.

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I’ve had a statistically difficult time with Logi(tech)… I’ve burned through 3 “Logitech MX Anywhere 2” and a few other Logitechs in my time, but I thought its failure rate was because I was travelling for work, then I had one just at home and the buttons still failed…

The best equivalent I’ve had, that has a plausible way to repair or clean the mouse buttons and wheel is the “Razer Pro Click Mini”

It also has a dockable dongle (ahem), but bluetooth seems totally fine.

I also have the Razer Orichi2 which is totally fine but a bit bigger.

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I got a Logitech Anywhere 3S for Christmas and am very happy with it until now. But that’s of course no long-term experience, yet.

I would also recommend the Logitech MX Maters mouses. Have one MX Masters 2S in use with my Framework 13 AMD, one MX Master 3S with the desktop and a MX Master 3 with my 17 inch laptop.