Replaced screen and bezel QR code wrong link - video

Made a video of it. Just left the camera running so feel free to skip around or laugh at my mic placement, lol. Was not expecting so much reflection!

One thing I want to bring up to Framework here so someone who works there can see it: your 16 inch display QR code takes you to the 16 inch order page, but the Guide button at that site goes to the 13 inch display instructions and not the 16 inch version. A Google search didn’t even bring up the right instructions from your site. Instead, iFixit’s guide was the next best thing.

That connector is still a bit fiddly and confusing with iFixit’s instructions.

Well, enjoy my awkwardness.

Bonus test of the webcam and mics used for live streaming on YouTube while I was waiting for the main video to process on YouTube (their Studio sucks!). I noticed YouTube live does NOT broadcast in stereo for some reason.

Yes, I didn’t realize it but we have stereo mics! Too close for any real stereo separation though. Maybe better if they were placed closer to the corners.

Just checked, and it looks like this is already in-queue for the Framework team to take a look at. It’s worth noting that all Framework Laptop 16 repair guides can be found at Framework Laptop 16 - Framework Guides


Step 27 in mainboard replacement:

Male sure that all cables (Speaker, WiFi, eDP, Webcam) are out of the way before installing the Mainboard.

That should read “Make sure…” :slight_smile: :smiling_face:

Ha! Yes it should! I added that to the queue as well.

Left a comment under the thread in the subreddit but wanted to leave one here as well, we are aware of this the guide/link issue and hope to resolve it soon.

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Ehm… are you sure about that? To me, it’s clear that it should be thus: “Male, sure that all cables (Speaker, WiFi, eDP, Webcam) are out of the way before installing the Mainboard?”

For the females, nothing needs to be said. Everything would be all neat and tidy before installing the mainboard, so… maybe something like “Female, sorry for the interruption.”

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