[RESOLVED] Duel booting causes bluetooth connection issues?

I recently purchased a framework laptop and it has by far been my favorite laptop i’ve ever owned. I’m quite new to duel booting and have linux on my 1 tb drive and have windows on the main ssd. The problem i’m having is that when i connect my BOSE headphones to windows or ubuntu, when i switch to the other one, i have to forget the device and repair. This gets somewhat annoying when i switch multiple times a day, so i was just wondering if there is any fix for this? thanks in advance for any help!

I had a similar issue with a Bluetooth mouse. What actually happens is that Windows and Linux each use a different identifier string they send to the Bluetooth device.
I remember having to extract the identifier string for the mouse bluetooth on the windows side, and copy it over to the linux side. After that, both sides were happy.

Sorry, no more details - this happened some 5 years ago or so, and the bluetooth mouse died since then. But it took me a while to figure it out. Bet something similar happens here.


I changed both so they are the same but still no luck, they both now share the same name but i still have to forget the device and re add a new one any time i switch os.

Does any one else have any idea why it could still be occuring? Or has anyone else actually fixed this issue with the method displayed above with a framework 13?

It’s pairing keys that need to be copied over.

Bluetooth devices use a hardware identifier (MAC address) to first find each other, then they negotiate pairing keys in order to keep communications secure from eavesdroppers. But creating the pairing key is done by the OS, and it’s stored with the OS’s files. So an alternate OS doesn’t normally or automatically have the keys a different OS created.

If you dual-boot but don’t copy over the pairing keys, then when you switch OSes your headphones (or other bluetooth device) still finds your computer using its hardware MAC address, but the pairing key doesn’t match. It can’t start secure communication, so it asks you to reauthorize and replaces the previous pairing key. Switch back to the first OS, and this happens again, because a bluetooth device only allows one pairing key for a given host / MAC address.


I procrastinated trying to do this as it seemed intimidatingly hard but the guide was very straightforward and it worked! Thank you very much for the help!!


Marking this as resolved, thanks guys for the help and thanks @John_marco for the update. :slight_smile: