[RESPONDED] Emailed support on Friday morning still no response

I emailed support on Friday, mourning and still no response. I don’t get what takes so long? Where are they located that when they respond it’s not until midnight? They should really have a phone number you can call to speed up the process all I want is a return label to send it back.

So it’s been less than one business day?


Framework support responds within one business day. Just to confirm, is this your first email or do you have an ongoing conversation that you are waiting on a response on?

This is my first email.

Did you submit via email or the support form? Also, did you get a confirmation email that they had received your request?

The support form, and yes.

Ok, that’s a good sign. You should hear back by tomorrow night. If you don’t, message me your order number and I’ll make sure it gets to the appropriate person.

Hi @Donjuan you will likely be hearing back soon. We will answer the tickets in the order we receive them. Thanks

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They sent me email saying there are going to send me a shipping label and still haven’t heard anything and it’s been 24hours I’ve been trying to return this thing since Friday.

Support will get to you. As you’ve seen. It just may not be as fast as you desire.

Well I think instead of improving their laptops they should focus on better support.

Hello @Donjuan,

After investigation, there are two different emails being used and two different ticket threads. On one, submitted on September 20th at 8:18am PDT. We responded on September 21st at 8:16am PDT and then again at 8:44pm the same day, asking for either the email address used or the shipping address entered for verification as you wrote in with an email that did not match the one associated with the order. You only provided an image of a stripped screw. We never received another response and the ticket is still waiting for response.

On September 22nd at 5:10am PDT, under a different email, but with the same last name, a ticket was submitted reporting the same issue with a request for return. We responded on September 24th at 8:08am asking to verify information for the return label. On September 25th at 5:03am, we received the response with the information requested and that information was escalated to our RMA team for pre-paid label creation. I see this in queue for triage, but it is among others waiting for label creation, and we are handling in the order in which they were received.

We do not have RMA support over the weekend as our 3rd Party repair center and logistics/courier partners only work weekdays. This is in process and is being handled as expected, within the appropriate timelines based on your responses to our requests.

Thank you for your patience.


Thank you for the clarification, sorry I used different emails when logging in to a website I use sign in with google and it puts me on a different account and don’t think much of it. I also have an account where I specifically purchase things so I don’t lose the information for it. But thank you for the response

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