[RESPONDED] Fedora 37 wifi broken on restart

I am using Fedora 37 on a DIY edition 12th gen. At some time in the last couple months, something happens on my system, so now whenever I restart, my wifi does not work. It correctly sees and connects to networks, and I can ping, but I cannot ping google.com, and nothing in the browser works. The problem is fixed by doing
“systemctl restart NetworkManager” but I have to do that every time I restart. It is not a huge problem, but I want to know what is causing it.

The installation is mostly stock, but I followed the framework installation and set up guide for fedora, and I set up hibernation. When I boot from hibernated, the wifi works. It is only on restart that I have a problem.

If you can hit IPs but not URLs that points to an issue with name resolution. Is there anything along those lines in the logs after you restart the computer, as well as after you restart NetworkManager?

I think it would be good to check the system logs (dmesg, journalctl and alike).

As @lbkNhubert suggested, this is a problem in DNS.

Hi @Jesse_Slater , welcome to community.

it looks like a dns problem, it may be something to do with your Local connection. but you could permanently just add the google dns.

nmcli connection show

that shoud show the current network profile, you can add DNS by…

nmcli con mod <network_profile> ipv4.dns ""

let us know if you’re encountering error message, this should google DNS permanently on your system settings. cheers!

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