[RESPONDED] Framework 13 - Linux Blackscreen

Hello together,
I‘m using the Framework 13 with Linux Ubuntu 22.04. Since yesterday the quarter left screen is fully black. I tried to fix it by watching insight and removing the bezel. By pressing slightly on the lower left under the bezel the screen got fully black with some white stripes on the right, after pressing a few times it got normal again, but the left quarter is still black. Does someone have a idea how to fix this?
Thank you for reading and helping!

Welcome to the community!

Which version of the Framework are you using? 13th gen Intel, AMD Ryzen?

Can you use a smart phone to take a photo of what you are seeing and post it here? Sounds like a pinched cable or something hardware specific as OS related error are usually across the entire screen.

Thank you, I‘m using 13th gen and Intel