[RESPONDED] Hotspot login pop up?

im having a hard time describing this to earch for this issue
i get this pop up
Usually when i plug into eth, has happened at work (verified network, im the admin here)
doesnt happen at home, at least not over the weekend.


Note im not doing anything to instigate teh pop-up - it jsut comes up. i can close it and still function. its not STOPPING me from anything. just annoying

nmcheck → network manager connectivity check from what it seems. There has been a similar issue mentioned here, maybe you have to configure your NetworkManager accordingly.

Hi yukon,

also can you try posting your NetworkManager? for the benefit of others facing similar issue?
and have you tried if this is only inherent to Pop_os? by trying fedora live 39 and see if pop up windows on your hotspot login persist?

also try to disable connectivity settings as mentioned here

looking for this?

Im using pop_OS so i can only confirm this

Im sure its natinve pop_issue not so much a hardware level problem.

Ill try this - cant test it right now tho - im at work and i need this system to complete my work for theday (my Framework is my work system)

actually i could test this
i could unplug my eth and replug it in and reproduce the pop up
i disabled the setting per link you shared
then restarted teh networkmanager service (sudo systemctl restart systemd-networkd)
now unplugging and replugging eth im not getting a pop-up.
ill update after a reboot if that is persistent

thank you for the insight!

This has to do with how captive portals do redirection via DNS hijacking. There are several long and detailed threads about it in systemd resolve from a few years ago, and it’s a problem not just on Linux. I’m guessing whatever workflow pop is using to feed up into it’s stack of network management bits to the DE is failing at some point. It could fail in lots of different ways - as basically various part of the DNS resolution stack need to cache the Captive portal’s nameservers for certain domains - vs using a local resolver or as is often the case now an in-browser dns over tls resolver owned by google or the like.

I haven’t noticed this on fedora since around the 30 series, but at one point it was a nightmare for a lot of users distro/platform independent.

I still occasionally hit badly configured captive portal networks where I have issues. Often due to using ancient versions of ssl which are deprecated for years due to bugs to do cert issuing/time sync/expired certs etc etc.