[RESPONDED] Mac address passthrough framework laptop

Hey there,
i used to install the OS on the machines in our company over pxe. To have the same mac address on both the Ethernet and wifi we usually activated mac address passthrough. We searched in the bios for an option like that but didn’t found anything. But is mac address passthrough possible with that machine and how can we activate it?

I’m speaking purely out of a guess here, but my thoughts would be that it’s not possible because of the modularity of the laptop. I’m thinking that the BIOS wouldn’t have the option as with the expansion card system, there’s no way for it to know if the NIC is installed or not. The same would apply to wireless technically as it’s possible to not have a wireless NIC either.

Other vendors do it even for their USB dongles and docks.

The way it works is that an effuse is blown to indicate that a device should be using Mac address pass through and both BIOS and Linux recognize this and program a Mac address stored in acpi tables.

You can see it all here:


Marking responded (via Mario).